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xTreme Goldfish Racing!!!

Being created in 48 hours at the Nashville September 2015 Game Jam, where the theme is "make the game around a controller".

Our team chose the PlayStation "Kids Station" controller, and turned it into a 4-person racing game. If you don't have this controller, you can still play with the ASDF keys, tap fast to swim your fish faster than the others!


Programming (Unity 5.2): Jeremiah Sanders, Elonka Dunin

Art (2D): Hannah Webb

Art (3D): Paden Pierry

Writing: Christian Livengood

Music: Kyle Guisande

Voice acting: Kai Vilhelmsen

Audio engineer: Matt Greer

Install instructions

For best results, when running the executable and the Unity player pops up, play in full-screen (non-Windowed) mode, at maximum screen resolution for your computer.


XStream Goldfish Racing (Win) 0.2.zip 135 MB
XStream Goldfish Racing (Mac) 0.2.app.zip 105 MB

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