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Created in 48 hours by one of the Nashville teams during Global Game Jam 2016!

Credits: Justin Giles, Patrick Granato, Elonka Dunin, Rocky Moreno, Daniel Alexander

Backstory: Over the course of human history magic and cursed relics have been found, sought, created, treasured, and reviled. Few objects, however, have been as associated with ritual as mirrors. Mirrors have been used for every type of ritual from personal hygiene to demon summoning. While most mirrors pose virtually no threat at all, there are some with which one should not trifle. The most famous of these deadly specula is a dark mirror.

Most dark mirrors are housed by secret societies across the globe, some of which societies treasure the darkness of the mirrors, and other societies which are of light, and therefore seeking to battle the darkness. The mirrors exist in many forms through multiple dimensions, and they feed on creatures of light. There are few who have both the spirit and talent capable of defeating the demonic devices.

Test your will against the dark miasma of one of these wretched portals by turning the very powers it wields against it. You may have the ability to free some of our brethren creatures of light from the darkness that consumed them; however, fail to cast the proper rune sequence thrice and you'll find it's your soul that's at stake!

Useful links:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/sPGCGJCB6kU

Nashville Game Developers: http://nashgamedev.org

GGJ Page: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/mirror-mirror

GitHub Source: https://github.com/greenrift/mirrormirror-ggj2016

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